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Online Advertising: why is online advertising the most effective form of adverting in the world?

online advertising

With all this hype about online advertising and the income potential behind the Internet don't you want to know why online advertising works so well and how small businesses use online advertising to grow their land based, and online, businesses?



Checkout this brief video explanation on why online advertising works.



Why is Online Advertising so effective. from Christopher Holden, on Vimeo.


Is there such a thing as a Zig Ziglar approach to online advertising and Internet marketing?

We believe it is ok to care about your customer and run your business with customer service top of mind 24 hours a day. Why not provide superior customer service and honest no nonsense advice when it comes to your service offering. If you can do it go ahead. You know if you do what is right by your customer you will be ahead of most of your competitors without a doubt. And on top of that you will feel good about providing the best service you can provide.


Many of us have experienced the poor service and terrible customer appreciation that is associated with the Internet. In our opinion giving quality unbiased information to our visitors is the most important aspect of any web site. As far as search engines are concerned content is king. You cannot have enough information regarding your site's subject matter. There is no such thing as too much information. Deliver the best content to the search engines and they will reward you with great listings. Remember providing accurate valuable information to your visitors will benefit you and your site 100 percent of the time.


What is going on with all the online advertising deals?

Seems like all the deals that we saw a few years ago are now over and done with - or are they? Look for a new round of massive online advertising deals - like a Yahoo deal. Yahoo stock is cheap anywhere under $15 per share.












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July, 2012:

Online Advertising Deal from 2007 cost Microsoft $6.2 Billion (Writedown).



Traffic Links

These are the best places for traffic on the Internet.


Yahoo and Bing

YouTube Advertising