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The best way to reach us fast is to text us at 760.409.3195.


You can also email us at info @ online advertising dot net. Remember it's a dot net.


Why contact Online Advertising for help?


There are three reasons to contact us for help:

1. You are concerned that you are not going to be able to get your online advertising up and running on your own, which is a great reason to reach out for help.

2. You would prefer that an experienced online advertising professional provides an overview of the process with you.

3. You are not sure what keywords are best for your offering and you are also unsure if your website is stuctured in a way that will get the most back from each visitor.






























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July, 2012:

Online Advertising Deal from 2007 cost Microsoft $6.2 Billion (Writedown).



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Yahoo and Bing

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