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Web design and online advertising?

online advertising design

As it turns out everyone asks how much is a website? Well if we told you a totally optimized website cost $1,500 dollars would that surprise you. Figure it this way for a moment: we spend 80 hours on a website without any difficulty and at least 2 hours a month updating it - so for a year 104 hours in total. That works out to about $14.43 per hour. I don't know if that is too much for Internet marketing and technical support - we don't think so.

How much is a great web design?

Buying web design is like buying a car. There are expensive cars and economical cars, hybrid cars and big old trucks. Tell us more about what kind of car you want and we'll tell you how much it costs.


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Can web design make someone buy my goods or services?

Web design influences both the customer experience and the search engine experience visiting your site. Try to make the visit worth while for both visitors (human and bot). Should you choose to use our Online Advertising web design Services for your site we will provide you with any and all design elements for an online advertising campaign. We will create banners for your website, small and full page ads for email campaigns, popup consoles for your contextual marketing efforts, and any other advertising graphic requirements that suit your online advertising needs. Any and all graphic pages or banners that we create for your website will remain your property now and in the future. You own the rights to all the graphic material that we produce for you. We hope that you agree that our web design and graphic materials help you promote your products and services to the World Wide Web.

How can a good design help with sales?

If you want to improve your sales start with the design of your web site. Have you checked the code of your site with W3C or visit Have you considered reviewing the content of your web site and also considered the weight of your pages as a potential reason why nobody finds your services or products? If you answered yes then you are definately going about this process correctly. If you answered no then you need to adjust your thought process just a bit in order to capture the attention of the search engines and potential customers to your web site. The right design will make your site attractive to the human eye as well as the search engine bots. Should you need to reach a fantastic web designer who is well versed in the finer elements of search engine optimization please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.












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July, 2012:

Online Advertising Deal from 2007 cost Microsoft $6.2 Billion (Writedown).



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