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Most online advertising questions revolve around sales. Here are a few of the most popular questions that are asked over and over again:


1. How can sell my product or service online?

Answer: As long as it is legal in the country you are selling into then you can sell it online.


2. Where and how should I spend my online advertising budget?

Answer: In order to know how and where to advertise online, you first need to know what keywords people use to search for your product or service offerings. For example, if you were an insurance company specializing in Fire Insurance policies in California then you might suspect that your prospects would search for "fire insurance California" related keywords on the search engines, and you would be correct. The keywords you select to find your own product online are the keywords that people use to find you. Take a moment and start searching for terms and phrases that you think are related to your goods and services. See what comes up on a Google search. Once you get a handle on your keywords of choice then you need to setup accounts with Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, and Microsoft’s pay per click online advertising service offering.


3. How can I get my site listed #1 in the organic search listings for the top three search engines?

Answer: Organic search listings take time and patience to develop. You need to have quality interesting content for your entire website, and that could take years to cultivate. Relevant page content is the first element that needs to be worked on in order to have good placement across all the search engines. It will take months to get your page listed on the search engines and years to be listed on the first page of results. To really have great success for organic search listings you need to become an authority on a given keyword based subject and provide accurate and ever updated information to your prospective clients. If you do what is right by your prospective customers the search engines will do what is right by you. Sort of the Zig Ziglar approach to search engine optimization.


4. How long does it take for my site to be listed #1 organically?

Answer:It might take a few months or up to a year to be listed. To get to the #1 listing is quite an ambitious goal - perhaps it is better to see if the information you are providing to the search engines is well received or not, and if not why not.


5. What are some of the most common mistakes that people make in their online advertising efforts?

Answer:The most common mistake in online advertising is spending loads of money online without having the ability to track the results from your spending. In fact, to start any campaign without some kind of a tracking system is similar to throwing darts in the dark - how do you know if you hit the bullseye or not?


6. Can you suggest a service that is easy to understand and use in an online advertising campaign?

Answer:We're big fans of pay per click services - we think you should start there. The biggest advantage of pay per click services is that you can start with a budget of $20 a month and increase from there.


7. Can you outline the most important aspects to any online business?

Answer:In order of importance we would go with the following elements:


1. a good web hosting company. If your website is offline most of the time then spending money on advertising is a waste of time and energy. Make sure your web hosting services are reliable before you start any online advertising program.

2. a functional website - note here you need to make sure there are no broken links or online architechtural issues that make your site difficult to navigate. You want to make your information easy to find from any page on your website. We have found that too much information has the opposite impact on sales, so stick to a design that provides the least amount of distractions for your visitors and the most accurate source of information regarding your product offering and you will be pleased with the results.

3. if you can focus your website on one or two themes that relate to your products or services then you will be much better off for it - if you sell "avocado's" you can inform your audience how you grow them and how you measure quality in an avocado - no need to go into the history of avocado's or the thousands of recipies right off the bat.

4. a contact us page - make sure someone answers the questions that come in. Communications with your prospective clients is the key to success. Follow up quickly and professionally to prospective clients and your current clients.

5. treat your visitors professionally and provide them with the best solution for their needs (not necessarily what is best for your bottom line). The best sales approach is to take care of your client's needs first and your needs will be taken care of automatically. Not an easy task but if you give it a try you'll see that it works fantastically 100% of the time.

6. make sure the information on your website is updated and interesting. It is a lot of work keeping a site updated with interesting news and relevant information but that is exactly what you have to do in order to become an authority on your goods and services. Your clients will appreciate your efforts and you will be rewarded with their patronage.

7. track your results - if you know what works well and what works less well, then focus on what works well. Tracking will provide the feedback that will enable you to focus your energy on specific keywords of interest for you and your visitors.

8. online advertising - consider online advertising as an effective way to bring targeted visitors to your website. If you sell Nike Ronaldinho soccer shoes and you provide the best information with an easy to order interface, great customer service, and follow up for your clients, you are already way ahead of most other websites. If you bid on the keyword "football shoes" you will certainly get some sales, however if you bid on "Nike Ronaldinho Soccer shoes" you will close a higher percentage of visitors to your site, and your earnings per visitor will be higher.









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