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How does web hosting impact online advertising?

online advertising hosting

Reliable stable hosting is an absolute must in order for you to have any online success. We offer our clients state of the art reliable web hosting solutions in an offshore facility that is in North America. Part of hosting is having the capacity (from a server perspective) to load your pages quickly and effectively (regardless of access speed by the your prospective customers). In order to guarantee that all your visitors can load your site quickly you need to make sure you have the bandwidth and a weight minimization design going for you. The weight is very important, so much so we are repeating it twice right here!

The big advantage to having your own dedicated server compared with a virtual account is that you are 100% sure that your server is only for your site and application. There is a feeling of relief when you know your site is on your server and nobody can determine whether it is online or offline. You might think a virtual account is fine but we can assure you that your own dedicated server and other related software in a state-of-the-art Internet data center is the only way to go. We offer ample power and bandwidth for your web hosting applications. Contact us today and we will provide you with a list of happy customers who have tried a dedicated server solution with us.

Do you need a customized offshore dedicated server reserved strictly for your business? We never make you fit your unique needs into a pre-configured dedicated server solution. We build every dedicated hosting solution around exactly what you and your business needs to succeed.

How much does reliable web hosting cost for both dedicated servers and for virtual accounts?

We have space for over 5,000 U1 servers so don't worry about running out of space. Our dedicated servers start at $125 and go up to $2,000 a month - it all depends on what kind of dedicated server you want. It's like asking how much is a car without being specific to what make and model you are looking for. Clearly a Ferrari costs a bit more than a Ford.









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